UPDATED 7/15/2010
New pictures at the bottom

Construction Began
January 10, 2005

February, Wind & Cold

March-Making Progress

April-Coming Together

This is the baptistry being installed ten feet off the floor.

Side view of Baptistry and some of the fifty feet of the platform choir area.

Outside finish-went on the building...(#1)

Office Wing-(#2)

Finished & Started on the Stone

Drive Thru-drop off added

Finishing The Roof Trim

End Shot of Office with Stone

Wrapping Stone

Starting To Paint The Inside

Painting Over The Platform Area

New Church Sign going up

New Sign With Changeable Sides Completed

Platform Construction

Pastor installs ceiling tile

Charlie-the goto Guy

Bathroom necessities

The finished product August, 2007

Bus Barn, June 2010
Bus Barn

Bus Barn

Bus Barn

The Bus Barn is DONE!!! Praise the Lord!!